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It is known that for a Spanish speaker it is always easier to acquire a new language coming from Latin, but is 1 year enough to learn French?

This question has been at the top of the search intentions on the Internet, and that is why we wanted to take advantage of our experience as a language school to answer it.

We also rely on some scientific studies to provide data to support what we have experienced over the past two decades of teaching English, both from our Florida locations and online.

According to an article published by Campus France, the organization in charge of promoting French higher education abroad, the time needed to learn French varies according to the student’s starting level and ability to learn languages.

In general, it is considered that learning French requires at least 200 hours of study to reach a basic level (A1) and 600 hours to reach an intermediate level (B1).

On the other hand, an article published in The Language Blog suggests that if study French about 4-6 hours per week, for a total of about 600 hours, spread over, for example, 3 years, it is possible to reach level B2 of the European framework if you start from scratch.

Level B2 is considered an advanced level and allows the student to function quite well in everyday situations.

Regarding the ability of Spanish speakers to learn French, a study published in Language Learning found that Spanish speakers have an advantage in acquiring French due to similarities between the two languages.

The study also found that Spanish speakers tend to have more difficulty with French pronunciation and grammar.

But is 1 year enough to learn French?

In our experience, although it is possible to learn French in one year, the level that can be achieved will depend on the student’s starting point, his or her ability to learn languages and the amount of time he or she devotes to study.

According to the studies cited above, it is possible to reach a basic or intermediate level after 200-600 hours of study. But that amount of hours can be reached with intensive courses like the ones we have at Lingua Language Center.

Our language school applies a method that mixes entertainment with practice, and also involves a multi-sensory experience, so that not only the ear plays a role in language acquisition, but all the senses.

Today, French remains one of the most sought-after languages for students who want to become bilingual, and the main language for those who want to become trilingual. It is a language that has been associated for centuries, and even now, with the arts, humanities, diplomacy and international trade.

Therefore, there are many advantages to learning French, and its demand will continue to increase in the coming years. In fact, such will be the growth of this language that 85% of the world’s French speakers will be on the African continent by 2050.

This data from the International Organization of la Francophonie makes it clear that the French language has much more of a future than was presumed a couple of years ago, as the emerging economies of Africa will be making remarkable differences from what they have been up to now. If you want to learn French, don’t worry about how long it will take. Make sure you start now.Write to us at! At Lingua Language Centerwe will make it happen.

Our consultants are waiting for you to contact them to give you all the information you need. It doesn’t matter if you are not in Florida, and you want to take the course online: either way, the application of our methodology will be effective.