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In such a globalized and competitive world, speed is critical because time is more valuable than at any other time in history. Given this reality, it is normal to wonder if it is possible to learn English in 3 months.

The short answer is yes, of course you can learn English in 3 months, but with some conditions and limitations.

You cannot expect to reach an advanced or fluent level in such a short time, but you can achieve a basic or intermediate level that allows you to communicate easily and correctly in everyday situations.

To achieve basic fluency in English, you must complete at least 480 hours of study and practice.

So, if you want to reach that goal in just 3 months, you need to study about 40 hours a week. However, that number is not practical in real life: people have other activities: work, studies, family, social commitments and multiple responsibilities.

In fact, our experience at Lingua Language Center as a language school tells us that 18 hours a week is the perfect number for the brain to acquire knowledge in an effective and permanent way.

It often happens that such a large concentration of information is diluted over time. That is why our courses are designed to offer 18 hours per week of classes.

So it is possible to learn English in 3 months at Lingua Language Center?

The answer is still yes thanks to a teaching system that we have patented to ensure that knowledge sticks with students for good: we combine entertainment with practice, so that theoretical information enters the mind naturally through necessity.

In that sense, an intensive English course with us ends up leaving results that are usually obtained by studying 40 hours a week.

Of course, there are also general recommendations that students can follow to further accelerate the learning process. Here are some of them as tips.

  • Learn 20 new words a day. Write them down and try to use them in sentences. You can do this by using a dictionary or reading material in English so that you can find these words naturally.
  • Try to read news in English every day. Some media will offer you neutral language (like news agencies), others will give you more cultured texts (like The New Yorker) and some will offer you tools to learn slang (like the Daily Mail, in their case, British slang). Just try reading journals of different types so you will notice how you will improve in a short time.
  • Watch videos, movies and series in English with English subtitles. This way you will be able to relate oral language to written language and you will see how quickly you will internalize this new language.

There are many other tips, but these may suffice in principle. Remember that the important thing is that these methods complement each other so that you learn as much vocabulary as possible while simultaneously taking an English course.

But your journey to English will not end in three months no matter how much you have learned. It is estimated that a person reaches an advanced level of English after completing more than 1,000 hours of study.
And the truth is that when you have studied those 1,000 hours, you will continue to learn.

English is an easy language to acquire if you have the right methodology and the determination to do it. If you want to take the first step, write us! We are ready to assist you and give you the information you need to come to our school in Florida or take online classes.