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In the midst of so much progress, it is normal to doubt and be confused. So the question arises as to whether it is really worthwhile to include technology in language learning.

To answer this question, we decided to review some studies on the subject based on the scientific method, that is, analyses that have reached respectable conclusions by having analyzed the learning processes – with and without the latest technologies – in an objective manner.

Technology has changed the way we learn and teach languages. But we don’t realize it. A 2018 study led by Educational Research and Innovation expert, Borromeo Garcia, highlights how little thought we teachers and students give to how we come to use technologies.

In other words, we take them for granted when we realize that they work… and that’s it. This speaks of how easily we integrate them into our academic processes, and of the multiple possibilities they offer us to learn more and better.

According to the Scientific Information System Redalyc, digital technologies often improve the effectiveness of language learning by providing students with access to multimedia resources such as videos, audios and interactive games.

In addition, according to Redalyc, digital technologies can help students learn languages more autonomously by providing them with tools to practice their language skills outside the classroom.

What Redalyc does warn after an extensive study is that online language teaching can be effective if the right materials and tools are carefully selected.

So is it worth including technology in language learning?

The only answer we see possible, judging also from our experience as teachers for more than two decades, is yes. Of course: technology should not be the focus or center of teaching. In that place must be the student and the method.

What we believe at Lingua Language Center, is that it is very important to assume a methodology, and try to make the technology adapt to it and not the other way around.

Therefore, we take great care to deliver the same quality of education both online and face-to-face. So we can offer students almost the same thing in both ways.

We believe that if a language school has a teaching method, it should be the same both online and in the classroom.

And is it possible? Yes. Particularly at Lingua Language Center, we apply our EnterTraining method, which mixes the best of entertainment with practical classes.

We look for ways to make the digital resources simulate as much as possible the experience inside the classroom. But we also use technological tools in a face-to-face manner.

In conclusion, technology is a key part of improving processes. But it is the application of the methodology that will generate the results.

Either way, we invite you to become part of our school by enrolling in the language courses we have ready for you.

Either from our schools, or online, contact us today! At Lingua Language Center, we firmly believe in our way of teaching languages, but also in the potential of each student and in the fact that only a personalized attention, in which we can identify the student’s own characteristics, will allow us to advance at a particularly noticeable pace.

We offer classes in different languages, and we are one of the most efficient alternatives for people to come to study English in the United States and spend an unforgettable time full of unique experiences. Our consultants are ready and waiting for you. Don’t hesitate!