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Many Latin Americans are wondering if Miami is really a good place to learn English.

The logic of the question begins with reality: 70% of Miami residents speak Spanish.

And in the face of that truth, many people think that it can be difficult to truly immerse themselves in English to learn English in that city.

But the reality is different: as in the entire United States, the official life of Miami and all the processes, in general, are done in English…

Street name signs and addresses are in English, and most advertisements are in English, as are menus, legal documents, etc…

And if you add to all that an English course that is designed to generate total immersion, you are guaranteed to learn to speak and write in English.

Why is Miami a good place to learn English?

Apart from all of the above, Miami is a good place to learn English because it has one of Lingua Language Center‘s locations, specifically in Doral, just a few minutes away from downtown Miami.

From our Doral location, we offer the opportunity for our students to immerse themselves in English, and to live a collective experience with peers from multiple cultures who are also learning the language.

At Lingua Language Center we take care of helping students with the paperwork so that they can spend quality time in the United States learning English.

We also take care of all the logistics, including lodging, meals, and transfers to unique tours.

What we do at Lingua is mix entertainment with practical classes so that the cognitive processes flow easily.

Similarly, we work the language not only from the senses of hearing and sight, but also touch, taste and smell, so our method is considered multisensory.

Yes, Miami is a good place to learn English.

In addition to Spanish and a variety of languages from every corner of the world, Miami speaks English, reads English, and writes English.

So the free time our students have will be much more contact with this language than they usually have in their home countries.

If you want a good place to learn English in Florida, write to us now!