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Many people wonder if there is an age limit to study English in the USA. That’s because the desire to train doesn’t tend to stop as the years go by.

In answering this question, the first thing to say is that the limits for adult English courses in the United States do not include a maximum age, but a minimum age.

American universities where English courses are offered welcome students from the age of 16 because this is the age at which people can be considered adults.

In the case of our school, Lingua Language Center, the courses for adults are from the age of 15, because experience has shown us that it is the right age to take it this way.

However, we provide several English programs for children and teenagers so that they can learn in a more comfortable way with people their own age and in an environment with similar interests.

As for the age limits for adults to access our English courses, we must reiterate that they do not exist and that we have even witnessed how the years of life are never an impediment to learning this language correctly.

The myth about the age limit for studying English in the USA

The myth about the supposed age limit for studying English is due to the disclosure of truth: it is true that there is a peak of knowledge absorption between childhood and adolescence.

But as we have pointed out in previous articles, the current scientific evidence makes it clear that, with the right method, people of all ages can learn a language perfectly well.

In fact, there are cases where people over the age of 35 have learned to speak a language like native speakers. However, what is most repeated is that they end up learning the language quite well so that they are able to communicate and understand everything they are told without any problem.

English Programs for Adults at Lingua Language Center

In our school, we have specialized in different areas of English. We offer classes for those who, at any age, do not speak the language at all, as well as specialized courses for different purposes.

For example, we can help students reduce their accents and increase their skills when they are already advanced in English. But we also have specific classes for professionals in different areas who need to know the terminology and jargon of their trade.

Thus, we have courses for health professionals, writers and journalists, lawyers, and for entrepreneurs, or people related to the world of international business.

So we can say, with all certainty and based on our long experience, that there are no limits for people to learn English with us

On the other hand, it is good to clarify that our English immersion programs have no age limits either. Anyone can come to the United States to study the language in our schools and be included in the activities offered in this package.

At Lingua Language Center, we will provide you with the necessary advice regarding visas, accommodation, and meals for the duration of the course.

If you are interested in any of our English programs, write to us! Age was never an impediment, and it won’t be with Lingua Language Center.