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If you’ve ever wondered which language is more difficult to learn between English and Spanish, it’s good to know that there is no definitive answer.

Some people say that English is more difficult to learn, and others say that Spanish is the most difficult. But we could have an approximation. Both parties have their reasons.

Those who say that English is more difficult to learn claim that the language is full of exceptions in which words do not sound according to the letters used to spell them.

In addition, they say that English also has grammatical exceptions, which is why it is extremely difficult to learn to write it correctly.

For their part, those who argue that Spanish is more difficult than English base their arguments on the enormous number of verb tenses in the language.

All of that is true to some extent, but it does not mean that one language is more difficult than the other.

Just as Spanish is immensely rich in conjugations, English is immensely rich in words. Yes, English has many more words than Spanish.

Which language is more difficult to learn between English and Spanish?

If we review the various lists of the most difficult languages for English speakers to learn, Spanish is not even in the top 20.

The same is true when we look for the most difficult languages for Spanish speakers: English is not among the first.

And both languages come from different linguistic families: English is a Germanic language and Spanish is a Romance language, that is, it comes from Latin.

However, English has in its vocabulary a great many words that come from Latin, and speakers of Spanish as their mother tongue are closely related to English because it is such an important language culturally and commercially throughout the world.

However, speakers of Germanic languages such as Dutch and German have an easier time learning English, and speakers of other Romance languages, such as Portuguese or Italian, can also learn Spanish more easily than English speakers.

Which language is more difficult to learn? English or Spanish?

The answer to that question is diluted by the many opportunities for speakers of both languages to learn the other. Today, the huge number of Hispanics in the United States, and the global importance of English, make it a necessity to be bilingual in both languages.

To achieve this, there are many tools available, from podcasts to games, as well as applications, movies and series. However, all these options will in all cases only be useful add-ons.

In order to really learn English or Spanish, you have to take classes under a methodology that has been proven effective over time. That is why at Lingua Language Center we offer English, Spanish and other modern languages classes under modules specially designed to generate fast, correct and sustainable learning.

If you want to learn one of these languages really well, write to us. Our consultants are waiting for you.