One of the most effective ways to learn a language is to do it just like children when they acquire their first words – conceptualizing the world around them and listening to others. That is why English immersion is one of the most fascinating options offered by Lingua Language Center. 

From our headquarters in Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Doral, Weston, Coconut Creek and soon to be at Pembroke Pines, we offer the opportunity to acquire English with world-class professionals who apply the latest innovations in neurolinguistics to make the five senses assimilate the language. 

Our English immersion teaching system is supported by a method we ourselves patented called EnterTraining℠ , which combines entertainment with ongoing training.
With this methodology, we have proven that our students acquire English quickly and effectively because we make every word, sentence, or expression related to a utility that the brain interprets. (I don’t know what should go there. “utility” is not the right word.)

Advantages of English immersion 

When a student begins to live in the world of English, he does not have to translate everything he is about to say or what he is listening to, as he takes the first steps toward achieving a transformative goal: Thinking in English. 

Ludwig Wittgenstein wrote that the limits of our language are the limits of our world. So when we think of another language we are spanning two worlds; and it is much more beneficial if it is English, which has 414,900 words, according to the Oxford Dictionary, and almost a million as interpreted by some artificial intelligence engines. Lingua Language Center offers the opportunity of English immersion by spending a season(this is not the right word. Perhaps “spending a short time”) in the United States in some of the most important cities in the state of Florida. This is ideal for the end of high school studies or for those who are about to start a college career. 

We have different curricula that are tailored to the interests of each student. In addition, we offer all the necessary advice so that they can come without any uncertainty to the United States. Write us! We will be happy to provide you with all the information.