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Learning French online is not only a good opportunity for a person to multiply their work and cultural options, but it also represents a method to keep the brain active and promote neuronal plasticity at any age.

According to figures from the Francophonie Observatory , more than 300 million people in the world currently speak French, but the most interesting fact is that this number represents a growth of 9.6% since the penultimate time the data was collected in 2014 . In other words, French is in full growth in the digital age.

This is due, in part, to the cultural and artistic aspect that surrounds the language. It is not by chance that 15 French writers have won the Nobel Prize for Literature, and all this maintains interest in a language that continues to rise.

But, beyond the cultural impact, French can have —due to the amount of knowledge and expressions it brings together— a healthy impact on the brain that should be taken advantage of by people of all ages.

Impact of French on the brain

There are numerous studies on the impact of another language apart from the mother tongue, in this case French, on the brain. One of the most recent was done by Northwestern University, in which it was shown that bilinguals have a greater ability to concentrate on a single task, and isolate themselves from noise and interference from the environment.

On the other hand, disciplines such as imaging have shown activity in brain regions of bilinguals that are not as active in people who speak only one language.

According to the same study, people who speak two languages have an easier time making decisions because their minds are constantly choosing which language to think and express themselves in. This supposes an incalculable help to the neuronal plasticity and to the capacity of the neurons to connect between them.

learn french online

For this purpose, the great opportunity that the Internet currently allows is to schedule online classes in a language, with which the student will drastically change the way they look at the environment.

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