Although there are many options for learning languages online today, there are also many advantages to choosing Lingua Language Center courses.
With more than 20 years of experience teaching languages, Lingua has graduated more than 10,000 students.

In the case of English, this institution works with a renowned methodology called EnterTraining℠ , which combines entertainment with a sensory experience to make learning more effective.

In addition, Lingua also offers foreign language classes such as Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and French; always with top-level professionals who focus on the interactive nature of the classes even though they are online.
Lingua Language Center classes are continually improving with the application of technology and the latest trends and discoveries in pedagogy. 

Beyond online classes 

Online classes are a phenomenon that came with the digital age and has continued to grow and improve. However, many students still prefer the classroom experience.

Lingua has the answer to that request at its headquarters in several major cities in Florida: Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Doral, Weston, and Coconut Creek.