Learning a new language is better when adapted to the particular needs of the person. We, at Lingua, offer a range of options suitable for all, teenagers and professionals, students and retirees, for all kinds of interests: from entertainment and culture to business. Applied in this way, there is no doubt that you will gain confidence and fluency while enjoying an unforgettable event. We are sure that one of these four options is the right one for you. Learning a new language at Lingua Language Center will make you experience the multifaceted language at its best.

Fort Lauderdale: your arts and entertainment hub.

Do you like art, good food, cocktails, and beautiful five-mile beaches? This area will satisfy all your expectations. Just 37 kilometers north of Miami, it is a destination where you will want to return again and again. You can enjoy perfect weather throughout the year, award-winning beaches, first-class restaurants, and exciting nightlife.

Riverwalk Arts and Entertainment District offers a wide variety of entertainment activities with options of music, cultural events, art, theater and history, thanks to the collective institutions, auditoriums and museums that are located here, such as the Museum of Art, the Florida Grand Opera and the Historic Stranahan House Museum.

The Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art offers a variety of worthwhile exhibits, as well as bars, restaurants, and nightclubs.

Weston: your family-oriented hub.

Family Circle magazine has listed Weston as one of the ten best cities for families in the nation. Founded in 1996, this city of closed neighborhoods and artificial lakes stood out both for its economy and its geographical location. It is well known for its quiet and family-oriented lifestyle.

Weston residents enjoy open spaces that cannot be found in many parts of the country. On the western flank are the Everglades, a natural resource so iconic that it is part of the city’s coat of arms.

The city has easy road access to Miami and Fort Lauderdale, dozens of sports fields, and almost 50 miles of bicycle lanes, as well as a 100-acre park, the Weston Regional Park.

Visibly distinctive, Weston’s extensive landscape is undoubtedly one of the city’s greatest assets: rows of palm trees surrounded by lush landscapes borders the entire city.

Coconut Creek: your college campus hub.

The university experience is a time to study and prepare for a career, but also to discover new talents, explore new places and mature. Students make friends with people from all over the world and learn about life and about themselves.

Competing in a sport or an academic contest, socializing through organized clubs, and volunteering in the community are often parts of the university experience. Many graduates remember their university time as the best days of their lives.

This is precisely what Coconut Creek offers. If your goal is to enjoy that wonderful university lifestyle, this option is for you.

Doral: your business-oriented hub.

When it comes to business, Doral is vibrant. And although its gardens, lakes, parks, and walkways do not look like it, in and around the city there is an impressive commercial dynamism. In fact, we can properly say that Doral is a center for entrepreneurship, services, and job creation, as few in the region.

According to the Census data for 2014, it is one of the fastest growing cities in the US. The magazine NerdWallet distinguishes it as the best place to invest in Florida real estate, while BusinessWeek puts it at the top of the ranking of “Best cities to start businesses” for 2015.

For reasons like these, many large companies have chosen the city to have their national and regional headquarters and operating offices.

In short, Doral has more than 250 company headquarters, over 100 multinational companies, more than 50 banking or financial institutions, and is home to about 14 Business Parks, that is, areas dedicated to companies, offices, and warehouses for goods and materials, not to mention the positive impact it has on the tourism industry, with more than 23 hotels.