It was a great honor for the Lingua Language Center of Broward College to recently welcome a group of students from Shanghai, China as part of our All-Inclusive English Package. We have always strived for providing excellent service and top-notch language teaching services to all of our learners regardless of their background or location.

The All-Inclusive English Package is specially tailored to meet the needs of international students coming from different parts of the world, like Shanghai. It offers a comprehensive learning program with different activities and online resources such as interactive lessons, fun and engaging language drills, collaborative projects, and other language games.

The Lingua Language Center staff was very excited to work with this new group from Shanghai and welcomed them warmly. We understand that learning a new language can be an overwhelming experience for any student, so we strive to make it as enjoyable as possible by creating a stimulating learning environment in which our students can practice their communication skills and build their confidence.

The response from the Shanghai students was extremely positive, with many praising our friendly and knowledgeable instructors who provide exceptional support and guidance throughout the course, and the high-quality teaching materials that are designed to help them develop their English language skills.

The Students from Shanghai enjoyed the total language immersion experience

The total language immersion experience provided by Lingua Language Center allows students from Shanghai to travel abroad and have an authentic college experience. Students get to stay in the college dorms for two weeks, while also having semi-intensive English study.

This is a great opportunity for the students to learn the English language in a wholly immersive environment. In addition, they can also make connections with both local and international students, promoting cultural exchange and understanding.

After completing their two-week journey at Broward College, the students come away with an unforgettable experience, having improved their language skills and made new friends. For them, this total language immersion experience was more than just a way to learn English; it was an integral part of their academic growth and personal development.

Throughout the course of their stay, the students participated in many activities, such as field trips, meals, and more..

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