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What happens if I go to live in the United States on a tourist visa? That question has been asked by many people over the past few years when tempted to overstay their visa.

While it is possible for a tourist to stay for more than 6 months in the United States on a B-2 tourist visa, it is necessary to complete a form to extend the stay. However, staying to live legally is a different process. To immigrate to the United States with a tourist visa, there are two possibilities, B1 and B2 non-immigrant visas, which allow you to travel to the United States and reside in that country for 6 months legally.

This type of visa must be applied for directly at the U.S. Embassy of the country where you reside and according to your nationality. There you will be asked a series of requirements to be able to apply for the visa.

What happens if I go to live in the United States on a tourist visa?

If you decide to stay in the United States after your tourist visa has expired, you will be in violation of U.S. immigration law. The legal implications of this violation may include deportation, prohibition from re-entering the United States, and denial of future visa applications.

To live legally in the United States, there are several types of visas that can be applied for, once the 180 days of residency allowed by the tourist visa have passed.

Some of these types of visas are: Business Visa, Employment Visa, Student Visas, Exchange Visitor Visa, Transit/Trip Visa, Religious Worker Visa, Domestic Employee Visa, and Journalist and Media Visa.

If you are not yet in the U.S. and you are thinking of traveling to the U.S. to stay and live there, one of your best options is to ask a family member who lives there to sponsor you financially.

Another may be to study a university degree and take any full-time academic course in the U.S., such as a language course, for example, which may allow you to stay for several months in the country on an F-1 visa.

Change tourist visa to student visa

You can also change your tourist visa for a student visa, after fulfilling a series of legal requirements that are quite common in the American legislation. The first step to achieve this will be to approach the institution where you want to study, ask for the requirements and even enroll, since with the enrollment is that you can opt for a change in your immigration status as a non-immigrant.

The free market has provided enormous opportunities in the United States that do not really exist in other countries in the Americas, but the lack of immigration control and violations of the law only contribute to stigmatization and the creation of stricter laws.

In addition, people coming to the United States should seek to have the fundamental rights to develop academically and economically. So it will always be better to opt for the legal way of doing things.

For example, applying for an F-1 visa to study in the country. If you want to study English or any other language full time in the United States, write to us.

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