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At Lingua Language Center, we offer an online English course for Law with which lawyers and law students will be able to master all aspects of their profession in English.

These classes are ideal for those looking to study English in the United States or for those seeking Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D. degrees at some of the nation’s top universities.

It is a 36-hour course at the rate of two classes a week of two hours each. In addition, different options are offered in terms of time so that students can adjust learning to their own pace of life.

Online English Course for Law

The importance of taking these classes is that, although a person can speak English correctly, it is very likely that they will not be able to master the terminology of Law even if they studied Law.

The writing of legal documents in English is specific, and the correct forms of expression could be decisive both in communication and in the fate of a case of professional practice.

More and more foreign people are accessing a Law degree or a specialty at universities such as Yale, Stanford, and Harvard, among others… That is why taking an online English course for Law becomes an added value that will serve the entire race.

Multiply your options with an online English course for Law

With an English course for lawyers, legal professionals multiply their chances of attracting clients, especially in the midst of the digital age, when online notoriety is really possible, and clients can come from anywhere.

By mastering all the terminology of law in English, a lawyer can charge for more advice and face a broader range of cases.

If you want to take this vital step and learn legal English in depth, write to us today. At Lingua Language Center, we have been teaching English online and from our four locations in the state of Florida for over 20 years. We have successfully graduated more than 10,000 students, and you can be one of them.