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Those who are looking for in-company language courses in Florida, either for some executives or for all employees, can count on the services we offer at Lingua Language Center.

The first thing to say is that we have expert teachers in the world’s major languages, and we have graduated tens of thousands of students since the end of the last century.

But if you decide to continue exploring options, it will be good for you to know what a language school should offer a company in general terms.

What should in-company language courses be like?

Lingua Language Center was founded under the following criteria: a language school must be able to offer a company the ability to adapt, multiple options, and the capacity to specialize.

When we talk about adaptation, we mean that the school must be able to take on the number of students that the company wants to train. In our case, we offer private and semi-private classes, and even courses specifically tailored to the client’s needs and requirements.

In terms of options, it is important not to limit yourself to English. Florida is a multicultural state where multiple cultures coexist and companies from all over the world are headquartered. For this reason, training in different languages is becoming increasingly necessary.

And while we know that most of the business training requests we receive are for the state’s two main languages (English and Spanish), we also consistently provide French, Portuguese, Italian, and other languages.

And what about the ability to specialize? This is an absolute necessity because, for example, a doctor’s priority is to learn the terminology that a lawyer does not generally have; likewise, a business person is unlikely to show interest in the English that an artist or writer seeks to learn.

We solve that in our academy with multiple English programs for professionals and specialists in different areas.

We can teach Business English at an advanced level, but also prepare professionals and make them experts in the terminology of their fields and industries.

Which in-company language course do you want to take?

It all depends on the activity of the company. But the important thing is that we can take on any challenge because our teachers are also dedicated to translation and interpreting; and to be able to do this well, they must specialize in certain subjects.

For example, we have experts in English on medical, scientific, economic, and even literary activities. And those same teachers are also responsible for meeting translation and interpreting challenges.

In other words, our work for companies in Florida and the world is multiplied because not even language is a barrier anymore. Write to us now so we can give you all the information you need to make everyone in your company at least bilingual.

Lingua Language Center’s in-company language courses

A company where everyone speaks two languages grows more because it has access to more markets, more opportunities, and better negotiations. Don’t let yours get left behind.