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Of course, there are many interpreting companies in the United States. That’s why, at Lingua Language Center, we work hard every day to be among the most reputable in the market.

In fact, competition is global: there are approximately 10,000 interpreting companies in the world, generating almost $50 billion a year, according to Décideurs magazine.

So how do you achieve differential value beyond hard work? At Lingua, we have been providing world-class interpreters since the late 1990s in South Florida, where we now have four locations in major cities. Our growth has gone hand in hand with the trust of our clients.

In all that time, we have served companies of all business areas and all sizes, as well as government institutions of all levels. This is the result of perseverance, discipline, and constant striving for total quality.

What must interpreting companies in the United States have?

The most important thing that interpreting companies in the United States must have is a staff that is highly qualified in the two most widely spoken languages in the country: English and Spanish.

As a country of migrants since its inception, the United States has no official language, but the largely British influence made English the most widely spoken language in the nation. This same natural evolution made Spanish become the second language. And what is the ratio?

Today, in the United States, nearly 232 million people speak English and about 58 million speak Spanish.

In this regard, it is essential for interpreting companies in the United States to have native speakers of both languages who are also able to be fluent in the language they have learned as a second language.

However, at Lingua Language Center we go beyond the elementary: we also have expert interpreters in languages such as French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Creole, and other major world languages.

In addition, thanks to our worldwide network of interpreters, we offer the service in almost every language in the world via telephone and video calls.

Is it sufficient for interpreters to be fluent in the languages they will be working in?

initially yes, because it is the most important thing. But in practice, it is not enough. This reality has meant that at Lingua we have interpreters who are also experts in various areas of knowledge, especially in the ones we have worked in the most.

For example, we have linguists with expertise in pure sciences, technology, art, law, international business, or governmental issues. All this is in order to achieve more effective interpretations.

The business of interpreting companies in the United States is growing. This means that competition is also increasing every day. So we are constantly preparing ourselves to use the latest technologies and to make the best use of the existing ones.

If you are currently looking for interpreting companies in the United States, you can count on Lingua Language Center, one of the most reputable institutions in South Florida with a nationwide reach and even beyond its borders. Contact us today.