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Those looking for personalized English classes in the USA should contact Lingua Language Center today and get started as soon as possible.

Why today? Because every day of your life in which you are proficient in English will represent a valuable opportunity for your work and your academic training. The faster you learn the language, the more likely you are to improve all aspects of your life.

Whether in person at our Florida locations, or online from anywhere in the country -and the world-, we always have a special teaching method for you.

Our school works under its own methodology in which practices are merged with training. We have English classes in the USA ideal for every type of professional and for every level of education, and we can always speak with pride about the results achieved.

The initial question we would ask you is what are you looking for: To specialize in your career? Learn the language to adapt to the American culture? Reduce your accent? Preparing for the TOEFL?

The second question would have to do with your needs and availability. We have personalized and semi-personalized classes. In other words, you can take the course alone or with two other students. As you prefer…

Why is someone looking for personalized English classes in the USA?

The main reason for seeking customized English classes in the USA is almost always related to work.

Many companies need their employees to learn or improve their English, and work schedules make the process difficult.

It also happens that professionals themselves understand the need to speak English but are busy.

Both cases are one and the same, and at Lingua Language Center we offer ideal alternatives.

Our offer of schedules is so complete that you will always find the ideal one for you. It doesn’t matter if you are working or studying in the United States. It doesn’t matter how many occupations you have. We adapt to you and get you the ideal time in the week.

Personalized English classes in the USA at advanced level

Our advanced classes can also be offered on a customized basis. We cover from preparation courses for students who are about to enter universities, to English at professional levels to master all the jargon of each field.

For example, we have customized classes in legal, scientific, or international business English.

We also have ideal teachers to teach everything you need to pass the TOEFL or to reduce your accent for good.

Intensive, personalized English classes in the U.S.A.

Another added value of Lingua Language Center is the ability to go at the pace needed by the student. If you only have a few months to learn the language or simply want to learn it quickly, we can also adapt to your needs.

We have experience in intensive English classes, and we execute them through language immersion processes that always yield positive results beyond time.

In these intensive and personalized classes, you can also choose to spend some time in the United States living the American experience while learning the language.

At Lingua we do everything necessary for your visa to be approved and for you to be legally in the country while you complete your course.

Our teachers are experts not only in teaching English but also in the application of our method, which is patented and has received international recognition for its effectiveness.

Don’t look any further, contact us today!