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For multiple reasons, generally related to time and concentration, searches for private English classes in Florida increase progressively.

But beyond the reasons that drive people to hire private teachers, there are the advantages… Because although group classes are conducive to conversation and practice, private classes also have their well-marked positive side.

Why take private English classes?

The first reason is that the teachers will know how to more effectively outline your objectives, and will personalize your study plan based on the specific characteristics that they saw in you.

The next thing is that the classes will not advance until you have fully understood a point, which does happen quite often in a conventional classroom.

Another factor is that teachers will be able to reinforce their classes according to your own learning style. If you are visual, they will use images. If you are auditory, they will use recordings; and if you’re kinesthetic, you’ll know they’ll do better with what you can touch with your bare hands.

Finally, and leaving out many other advantages, when a professor deals only with you, he can relate academic subjects to your own hobbies and interests to create a more effective common field of experience.

What types of private English classes does Lingua offer?

Lingua Language Center offers private and semi-private classes in English and other languages. All of these courses are tailored to individuals and small groups seeking to acquire the same language.

The private ones are classes of a single student, the semi-private ones have two students per class, and the small groups of three.

At Lingua, a person’s learning style, career field, personal interests, and location and time preferences are all taken into account.

We have locations in several major Florida cities including Fort Lauderdale, Weston, Coconut Creek, Doral, and Orlando.

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