Looking for the “American Dream”

When I came from Colombia in 2018 to the United States, I had a Bucket list in my luggage. Let us start with one of the most difficult moments in my professional life and the main reason why I decided to start this journey. It all started 5 years ago when I decided to start up a company but unfortunately, after 3 years running, I had to shut it down because of economic reasons. When I arrived in the United States in 2018 I just wanted to stay for a few months and make some money to cover some debts, however during the first months I met the person who is currently my husband.

At first, I was afraid of what might happen, but that fear is precisely the engine that motivates
us to do the things we want and to achieve our goals, for this reason, I have always had the
dream of working as a flight attendant. I have the talent for customer service and I also want
to be able to travel the world doing what I like, so I want to have the opportunity to visit
Europe and part of Asia through this work. I think it is one of my greatest dreams, but I know
that to achieve this, I must speak English fluently and I have been working on that by continuing my English classes. In fact, I have already been sending my resume/CV to different airlines despite the current pandemic.

I have worked in customer service all my life, today I work as an Uber driver and this has
allowed me to converse with native English-speaking passengers and Americans, and thus I
have improved my speaking and consequently immersed myself in the culture. As a result, over time I have been able to make money to pay my economic debts in Colombia and this has also allowed me to move forward, that is another check mark on my bucket list!. For this reason, I am incredibly grateful to this country, because I have reached some goals in a short time although I know that the road continues.

In conclusion, I can say today that in order to achieve our goals, we must break those chains
that bind us in our minds through fear and which prohibit us from thinking about everything we are really capable of. Every day of our lives we must wake up thinking that we can achieve our goals regardless of how far away they seem to be.

This essay was written by one of our English students at Lingua Language Center. Would you like to learn English? Contact us now!