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Companies or people looking for translation services in Doral can count on the work of the professional linguists of Lingua Language Center, who have more than 20 years of experience offering total quality in every circumstance.

This institution, focused on education and services related to languages, is physically located in Doral at the Millennia Atlantic University headquarters, 3801 NW 97th Avenue, and offers all the necessary advice to get the right job.
But it also has locations in Fort Lauderdale, Weston, and Orlando, showing a steady growth track record.

Lingua Language Center experts are specialists in various areas such as legal, medical, among others… as they point to the appropriate forms for each moment.

Professionals from all kinds of disciplines have received help from this institution for paperwork, jobs, and all kinds of business. We know that having a trusted translator in the business world represents significant differences, and that is why we comply and walk towards excellence.

the correct interpreter

Lingua also offers simultaneous interpreting services for conferences and business meetings, always discreetly and professionally. The key purpose is that the parties can fully understand each other and that, at no time, confusions occur that could hinder the interests of the parties.

This service goes beyond conferences, as Lingua has the resources to also do telephone, remote video, simultaneous, and even whisper interpretations.

The intention is that clients can have absolute quality both in the translation of documents and in conferences and meetings with speakers of different languages.

If you need the services of Lingua Language Center, write today! Excellence may be within your reach.