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The most difficult language to learn if you speak Spanish is any language you don’t study seriously. But some languages are particularly foreign to our way of understanding the world.

In this article, we will review which are those complex languages that speakers of Spanish, and other Romance languages, prefer to avoid because they scare us from the start.

Perhaps most of the difficulty of these languages lies in the fact that each language is a way of seeing and assuming what surrounds us. Some words exist in one language that in another language can only be expressed in long and complex sentences.

In addition, those who learn a new language often make the mistake of translating it from their mother tongue, and this is something we must avoid. On the contrary, it is a priority to start thinking in a natural way using words of the language we want to learn.

Here is the most difficult language to learn if you speak Spanish, and its immediate pursuers.

The most difficult language to learn if you speak Spanish

The most difficult language to learn if you speak Spanish is undoubtedly Mandarin Chinese. This is because it does not even have an alphabet, that is, it lacks a phonetic syllabic writing system.

And how does Mandarin Chinese writing work? Through thousands of symbols that mean different things. So you must first learn to speak it, and then, to read and write Mandarin Chinese, you must match each word with the corresponding symbol.

On average, a Chinese dictionary has about 85,000 symbols corresponding to words. However, to communicate in everyday life, it is enough to learn about 7,000 of them.

This language originated approximately 1,250 B.C. and currently has about 1.2 billion native speakers.

Another difficulty in speaking Mandarin Chinese is that the language has six recognized dialects. However, some experts claim that there are actually 12 dialects.

Mandarin Chinese has four tones when spoken, and something very important is that the meaning of each word varies depending on the tone used. According to linguists and language teachers, this is one of the main causes of confusion among language learners.

But beyond the difficulties, which Mandarin Chinese presents, it also has some points that can be considered as facilities. For example it is a language without gender nouns in which no distinction is made between plurals and singulars.

This language has no verb conjugations. So the tenses are manifested by saying when the events occurred within the sentence. Mind you: handwriting is quite difficult to understand.

Other difficult languages to learn if you speak Spanish

Apart from Mandarin Chinese, which takes the prize as the most difficult language to learn for Spanish speakers, others also stand out for the challenge they represent for students (especially adults).

what’s the hardest language to learn?


It is a highly structured language with complex grammar, which makes it difficult for Spanish speakers.


Arabic is famous for having a fuzzy script and complex grammar. To learn Arabic, you will need to learn its alphabet and words that sound very different from English.


It is a complicated language with a case system, which means that nouns and pronouns change form according to their function in the sentence. Moreover, it does not use our alphabetic system, but its writing is based on the Cyrillic system.


Korean is another highly structured and complex language that uses a unique character system for writing.

Korean is spoken by 70 million people. It is the official language of South and North Korea but is also spoken in parts of China, Japan, and Russia.


Hebrew is a complex language that requires learning a new alphabet. It has experienced a recent renaissance, as a spoken and written language, in Jewish culture.


It is another tonal language that has five different tones that affect the meaning of words.

Thai also has an alphabet consisting of 44 consonants and 15 vowels.

Although it is a language descended from southern China, it copied its alphabet from the Khmer script of Cambodia, which in turn came from southern India.


This language is closely related to Finnish and Estonian. It has a lot of structure, complex grammar, and a case system.

It is a language that comes from Asia, has 14 vowels, is spoken by 13 million people, and has enormous flexibility in word order.

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