Certified translations are required for any legal and formal process made in the United States; these are requested by counties and judicial courts, government agencies, immigration services, colleges and universities among others. At Lingua Language Center we count with the most experienced and prepared certified translators, as we are aware of the importance of providing an accurate translation to any of the entities mentioned.

Language and expressions used on legal documents such as birth, marriage and death certificates, divorce decrees, and witness statements, can be complex; therefore, it is very important to have an expert provide the translation service.

Lingua Language Center has a wide experience on certified translations in Spanish, Italian, German, Creole, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Romanian, Chinese and many other languages. Our certified translations are guaranteed to fulfill all the requirements and quality measurements of professional translation services.

Translations must go through important stages before it can be considered accurate and proficient. A certified translator must follow the five rules of thumb to provide a professional service, and to meet the U.S Government standards.

1. Both documents in the original and target languages must bear the same semantics; in other words, must have
the same meaning
2. Context and language expressions must be translated precisely, without additions or omissions
3. No information, stamps, and/or emblems, should be obviated
4. All the information must be proofread
5. A certificate of accuracy statement by a company representative must be included, notarized

Presenting a translation that is not accurate can cause negative consequences, such as having a legal process delayed, suspended and even cancelled. An inaccurate translation may be considered as providing false or incomplete information.

Lingua Language Center offers legal and professional service performed by certified translators and interpreters

Guaranteeing our clients the satisfaction and peace of mind of receiving a quality service at an affordable price. Legal translations include but are not limited to Birth and Death Certificates, Marriage Licenses, Divorce Sentences, Visas, Passports, School Records, Diplomas, Driver Licenses, Criminal Records, Background Checks, Medical Records, Business Contracts, Agreements, Court Documents, Patents, Bylaws and more. Whether legal, medical, commercial, technical or literary, your project in our hands is completed professionally. The goal is to allow our professional experts take care of your translation and interpretation needs in a professional and ethical way.