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Are you looking for Online Italian classes to acquire Italian citizenship? To achieve this, you must pass an exam that accredits you as a B1-level speaker of the language, which implies the ability to hold simple conversations and understand the basics clearly.

This requirement exempts those who have access to Italian nationality, and the passport, by inheritance from their ancestors, that is, by the principle of ius sanguinis, or “right of blood” in Latin.

Nationality heirs’ spouses must also pass the test.

In other words, if you are of Italian descent, you do not need to acquire the language to get your papers; but your wife or husband must do so since their right is by marriage.

In any case, an Italian citizen who learns the language will have multiple job and academic opportunities both in Italy and within the Italian community around the world.

But what happens when you really need the language to naturalize as an Italian? In that case, you will need to take a basic course and advance according to your personal needs and ambitions.

Best online Italian classes to acquire Italian citizenship

Among the best online Italian classes to acquire Italian citizenship, Lingua Language Center’s Italian classes stand out. The reason is that they focus on teaching from scratch so that students become familiar with the basics of the language, such as pronunciation, intonation -very important in Italian-, grammar, and the very rich vocabulary of this language.

After completing our Italian course, students will be able to easily manage at a B1 level, i.e. they will have the ability to manage in the language at the minimum required by the consulates, and will have enormous possibilities of further improvement if they continue in the following modules.

Why learn Italian online when you are not looking for nationality?

According to the Grande Dizionario Italiano Hoepli, the Italian language has more than 500,000 voices, which is always a challenge for students, but it is also a way to activate disused neural areas and multiply the options related to work and studies.

Italian is spoken all over the world thanks to the huge community of migrants originating from the boot-shaped country. It is also an official language in Italy, Switzerland, San Marino, and Vatican City.

This makes it a language in wide demand for all types of international business, especially those related to human capital, all the fine arts, and the multitude of industries that move in the countries mentioned above.

If you are looking for online Italian lessons for any reason, stop that search and write to us today. In our language school, we have all the technology and staff to help you learn the language in record time.

We have decades of experience teaching languages in person and online, and we can help you –write to us now! Every language is a world, and the world of Italian is a beautiful one.