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If you are about to enter an English-speaking university, perfect your English to better compete in your field of work, Lingua Language Center’s advanced grammar course will give you much of what you need.

The foundation of this course is to teach students to better use the knowledge they already have about English grammar and reinforce it with authentic insights into the use of the language.

Lingua Language Center offers these classes in the cities of Fort Lauderdale, Weston, Coconut Creek, Orlando and Doral, as part of its commitment to impart academic excellence at all levels of English learning.

Those who take this course will improve their reading comprehension and begin to use grammatical structures in a more effective and precise way, according to the true purpose of each sentence.

In addition, they will increase their vocabulary through the practice of synonymy, that is: looking for the exact words and avoiding their repetition.

This advanced English course from Lingua Language Center focuses on raising awareness of important topics such as the nuances, patterns and rhythm of texts, as well as the elimination of common mistakes that are unacceptable in today’s professional world.

Although it is common for many people to write with errors, and insist that the important thing is to be able to communicate, bad grammar is never well seen in any qualified circle, and it ends up closing doors of all kinds.

Who needs an advanced grammar course?

The short answer to the above question is “everyone”. The long answer is that despite that, there are professionals whose careers could be marred by a grammatical or spelling error.

We refer to journalists, copywriters, advertisers, content creators and other literary professionals. The demand for experts in these areas with perfect grammar has been on the rise for two decades, when the digital age was just beginning, as companies have realized the impact of this area on their results.

For example, a study carried out by the BBC in London showed that advertisements on the Internet sell 50% less if they have some type of spelling or grammatical error. That means that writing correctly is directly related to money, and nobody wants to lose money.

This course called ” Advanced Grammar Skills ” opens up new job opportunities for those who do it, because knowing how to write in a language is something completely different from doing it as a professional.

Perfect your English: Literature and composition, one step further

Advanced grammar classes can be taken to the next step within the same institution with the Literature and Composition course offered by Lingua Language Center , which is the next step towards excellence in writing in English.

All our classes have the support of specialized linguists in each of the areas they teach. Write us today and reserve your spot! Opportunities like this can change your life. We are ready to give you all the information you are looking for about it.