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If you want to read better in English, the most important thing is to practice every day. But you can also follow the practical advice we have provided for you in this article.

Those who can read English will have access to 53% of the knowledge available on the Internet, which is written in that language. In other words, there will be practically no data published in the world to which you do not have full access.

Just imagine the advantages you will have in your career or studies by always getting to the most recently published information first.

Or think of all the literature you will be able to consume: famous writers, new talents, and recent research papers…

If you learn to read English effectively, you will always be one step ahead of your competitors in whatever field you are in.

Of course, to achieve this you need to practice reading in English… So we’ll start with tips on how to do it and then move on to practical tips:

What to read to learn to read better in English

  • Check the news every day. Try online newspapers from the United States and Great Britain and translate separately each word you don’t understand. Thus, you will begin to enter the Anglo-Saxon culture while practicing.
  • Look for light literature. Some self-help books are written with such commercial simplicity that they serve as a way for you to practice your English.
  • Improve the level of your readings. As you progress, move on to writers from the literature of the United States and the United Kingdom. For example, Ernest Hemingway and Oscar Wilde, are easy to read and quite elegant in their prose.

Tips to read better in English

  • Be honest about your reading level. Don’t read books you’re not ready for. As you read the first few pages, you will realize if the book is still too heavy for you.
  • Start reading without dwelling on the words you don’t understand. Try to understand as much as you can. And stop every paragraph. If paragraphs are long, stop every 150 words on average.
  • Always have a notebook and pencil handy when reading in English. This way you can write down words you don’t know, and when you finish each paragraph, look up their meanings, and reread now knowing what those terms mean.
  • Use a physical dictionary. If you search for the terms on your phone, chances are you’ll end up seeing someone texting you or checking your Instagram. Keep your cell phone in another room or away from you during the time you read.
  • Do not read for more than 45 minutes at a time. That is the perfect time to maintain concentration. If the reading is very good, and you want to continue, force yourself to rest for 15 minutes before continuing, and then complete another 45 minutes.
  • Write down in your notebook the ideas and phrases that catch your attention, as well as the new ways of saying something that you discover.
  • When you finish reading, ask yourself questions about what you have just read and answer them.

With these tips, you will definitely be able to read better in English. Your progress will depend, of course, on your level of commitment and the hours you dedicate to this activity every day.

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