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Colleges and universities in the United States use the SAT and ACT as screening tests for new students, so many parents are concerned about their children’s test scores.

Many proactive parents find an answer to this concern in the preparatory courses offered by Camp Lingua, through expert teachers in the different subjects of these exams.

Camp Lingua‘s SAT and ACT courses include individual attention to develop specific areas of knowledge that students will need to master to achieve excellent results. In addition, through practice, students learn to analyze the questions on these tests.

With Camp Lingua‘s preparatory courses, students will also learn to manage time during the admission exams, which often represents an obstacle to answering the questions, even if they have studied.

These classes can be done remotely through our virtual classroom or in the state of Florida from locations in Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Weston, and Doral.


While the SAT measures students’ knowledge of language, writing, reading, and math, the ACT is broken down into English, reading, math, science, and an optional writing test.

With Camp Lingua, students can prepare for either exam—depending on the requirements of the college or university they want to enter, although most accept both.

Students can take classes in person in Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Doral, and Weston, or through our virtual classroom. In keeping with our educational approach, courses such as SAT and ACT test preparation are always backed by a friendly and fun methodology.

In addition to the SAT and ACT, as well as a variety of school subjects, Lingua Ranch offers an elementary, middle, and high school program, summer, winter, spring, and holiday camps, all in direct contact with nature. In addition to extracurricular activities such as foreign languages, art, music, sports, etc., children develop critical thinking through these programs. Our focus is to provide world-class education and fun at the same time.

Write us today so that your children are prepared for their next academic challenges and live an enriching experience.