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Mastering more than one language is increasingly important in the labor market in any field, but there are professions in which you must know English if you intend to grow and compete with others.

English is the lingua franca of an increasingly globalized world. Regardless of the origins of two or more people who must communicate, they always do so in English. That happens in business, in the arts, in the sciences, in everything…

In fact, according to a survey carried out by the job search site OCCMundial, 7 out of 10 professionals lose job opportunities because they do not know English.

But in which careers is the impact of knowing English the greatest? What are those professions in which mastering that language opens more doors? The same employment website reached the following conclusions…


Although scientific work depends on the method and continuous research, the disclosure is usually done in English.

Scientists who know English are always one step ahead in innovation and knowledge and are much more likely to be published in major scientific journals.

Public relations

The OCCMundial analysis also places public relations among the careers in which English matters the most. The reason is that this language allows the work to be global, so geographical limits disappear if you master it.


The study on which this list was based explains that, when it comes to the first world level, managerial positions in the area of finance require English proficiency in all cases.

International Trade

In International Trade, a high level of English is essential. This is not only due to communication but also to the understanding of the cultural forms and implications that the language determines, which is key to facing difficult negotiations.


Being the universal language of today, English is key for tourism professionals. In addition, an advanced level of this language allows solid and continuous professional growth.


Social communicators and journalists can multiply their options just by knowing English.

It is very difficult for a journalist to work in one of the main media outlets in the world if they do not have a good command of this language, not even if they have to offer reports in another language.


In Latin America, interest in marketing continues to grow. Companies are increasingly aware that they need notoriety. But nothing that is happening in the region compares to what is being done globally, and everything is taking place in English.


Learning English is an advantage for an administrator. The reason? Professionals in this career are among those who pay less attention to bilingualism. Consequently, those who learn another language will have a huge advantage over their colleagues.

Information technology

There are programmers, robotics or telecommunications professionals who can change the destiny of large companies, and who would do so if they only knew English.

Many times, corporations stop hiring someone due to the inability to communicate with that professional effectively. And that must change…


This sector is full of options in often remote places where they pay very well. But communication is key and English is the language in which everything moves.

Engineers who know English today are the ones who will be able to opt for global and well-paid jobs.

Although the above are the professions in which English has the greatest impact, the reality is that in each career the opportunities increase when this language is mastered.

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