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What qualities does a language agency need to have in order to be trusted by its clients? In this article we will answer that question and tell you the differential values of Lingua Language Center.

As a company, the main characteristics of a language agency should be professionalism, confidentiality of information, price transparency, offer, certifications and customer service.

However, the quality of the services will always be the most important: that is, the ability to execute the various customer requests with total quality and added value.

This quality will depend on the translators and interpreters available to the institution, and yes: to be considered a true language agency, the two key services to be offered are text translation and interpretation.

What a language agency’s translators and interpreters should look like

Language agency translators and interpreters must be certified by the government of the country in which they work. This is a requirement that indicates that the professional can be trusted at all levels.

It is important that they are native speakers of the language into which they are translating and that they are fluent in the language they are listening to. That is why at Lingua Language Center we consider it very important that our interpreters are fully bilingual.

Another fundamental condition is that they are familiar with the subjects they will be translating or interpreting on. In Lingua’s case, we emphasize that they are certified as specialist translators and interpreters in these areas. This way we guarantee the quality of the work and avoid any kind of errors related to the terminology and jargon of each field.

Something that is also worth mentioning in this section is impartiality. It is common -but not correct- that interpreters often end up splitting their speech. Even if they do so involuntarily because each person has his or her own opinions, it should be avoided at all costs.

What certifications must a language agency have?

The certifications that a language agency needs are mainly those that accredit its translators in the country.

In the case of Lingua Language Center, we have all our translators duly certified and we are also members of the American Translators Association.

We are also a certified U.S. Government contractor in Broward, and we are even authorized by the Department of Homeland Security to enroll non-immigrant alien students in our courses.

All these certifications have been obtained through years of constant work in the state of Florida, where we have four offices in different cities, and internationally thanks to our global network of linguists.

If you want a quality language agency, we invite you to consider the work we do at Lingua. We are ready to communicate what you want to communicate effectively in the language you need.

Our translators and interpreters are experts in several areas and we have state-of-the-art technology for events of all sizes and with the most specific characteristics.Write to us! We are ready to help you.