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If you’ve wondered how long it takes a Spanish speaker to learn Italian, it’s because you’ve at least considered learning the language of Dante Alighieri.

The language of Dante? Yes, this poet is known as the father of modern Italian, because he wrote the Divine Comedy in Tuscan, which eventually became – with some variations – the common language of the inhabitants of the Italian peninsula: Italian.

But back to the subject of this text: How long does it take a Spanish speaker to learn Italian?

There is no precise answer, but it is estimated that – because of the similarities with Spanish – a Spanish speaker could take between 4 and 8 months of permanent study.

However, to achieve true fluency in Italian, a person who speaks Spanish generally needs a year or more and to have undergone a period of immersion.

How long does it take a Spanish speaker to learn Italian?

However, there is a more or less uniform table according to linguists that gives the following approximate calculations:

Basic level

You are able to communicate in everyday situations and understand common phrases and expressions.

3 months.

Intermediate level

You are able to participate in moderately complex situations and understand long texts.

6 months.

Intermediate-advanced level

You are able to participate in all kinds of conversations and to read specialized.

9 months.

Advanced level

You are able to express yourself fluently and accurately on a wide variety of subjects and to understand almost any type of reading.

One year or more.

Is it worth learning Italian in the 21st century?

Currently, the Italian language has about 85 million speakers worldwide, 64 million of whom are native speakers in Europe.

Since Italy was not formed as a single country until 1861, it did not have colonies like those left by the empires of Spain and England around the world, guaranteeing many more speakers.

However, it is a language that enjoys incredible international prestige due to its relationship with commerce, industry, sports, fine arts, fashion, motoring, gastronomy and culture in general.

Due to the various migratory waves of millions of people who left the Italic Peninsula between the 19th and 20th centuries, Italians have had an immense impact on America in all areas.
Because of all this, Italian has become a language that is in high demand for specific jobs, as well as opening up unique opportunities.

Where to learn Italian today?

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