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💡TOEFL Test Preparation

💻 Interactive Online
🕑 6 weeks – 36-hour course
✔️ $395 (Reg. Price $870)

💡Advanced Elective Courses

🕑 12 weeks – 18 hours per week
✔️ 2 payments of $1,050 for a total of $2,100 (Reg. Price $3,660)

✏️Advanced Business Skills: This course is for international business executives, professionals, and business administration students who are or will be conducting business in the global market. Students will improve upon existing business language skills by developing specific workplace vocabulary and enhancing presentation and public speaking, through professional communication methods, while fostering an understanding of how the student can apply these professional language skills to succeed in their chosen fields.

✏️Advanced Grammar Skills: The course focuses on developing both students’ awareness of the key nuances and patterns of English grammar and control of the form and meaning of highly advanced grammar structures, with particular emphasis on those used in academic and professional writing projects.

✏️Literature & Composition: This course is designed to enable students to analyze literature, including poetry, short stories, novels/novellas, and plays. Students will develop an understanding of literary themes, devices, and terminology to enable them to begin to express critiques and analyses of the literature. Students will also be engaged in creative writing.

Offer valid through February 28, 2022