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Studying English in Florida can be an enriching experience for you in every aspect. While learning a new language that will open many doors for you professionally, you will be able to enjoy yourself to the fullest.

Its crystal clear waters, its attractions, its architecture, its nightlife, and the diversity of its people make Florida an ideal place to learn English or another language.

Benefits of learning English as a second language

The benefits of studying English as a second language are almost endless. On a personal level, it will help you to relate to new people from different cultures, also, to get by in any English-speaking country, and to lead a more pluralistic life in terms of social possibilities.

Speaking English will also significantly improve your job opportunities and allow you to study all types of careers that today represent the cutting edge of education.

Major companies around the world are currently looking for people who are fluent in English. In fact, the search has increased in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, especially for remote work.

Studying English in Florida can be a good option for you if you decide to focus on learning a new language and multiplying your career options.

Lingua Language Center is an institution recognized for offering the best courses in the main cities of the state of Florida. It has excellent options for people of all ages.

Courses offered by Lingua Language Center

If you want to study English in Florida, then we can tell you that Lingua Language Center has a variety of courses that adapt to all requirements.

You can choose a Combined Intensive English course, which consists of interactive classes via videoconference and face-to-face classes. You can also opt for an Intensive English course of 18 hours per week.

In addition, we have shorter courses such as the Semi-Intensive English Program, which is a 16-hour per week face-to-face class, or the 12-hour per week Part-Time English course.

But if you wish to learn English like a native speaker, then you can choose our All Inclusive English course which offers classes, excursions, meals, transportation, and accommodation.

Whether you are already based in the United States or you are traveling temporarily, if you wish to take an English course in any of the main cities in Florida, Lingua Language Center will offer you total immersion for a guaranteed learning experience.