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If you are a lawyer or law student, and you are looking to take a new step in your professional career, it would be a great idea to take an online course in English for Laws. This will significantly improve your chances of success in every circumstance related to your work.

Among the best options to master the terminology and manners of English in Law, is the course offered by Lingua Language Center, as it focuses on providing the student with all the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the English-speaking legal environment.

These online classes total 36 hours over nine weeks and offer significant changes in the way of practicing Law.

Although they are ideal for those who already have a foundation in the language and need to improve their relationship with the legal world, Lingua also has courses of all kinds, either to learn English from scratch or for each level.

Open the doors to the world of law with an online course in English for Laws

Legal knowledge in a language such as English allows legal professionals to accept and process cases from the United States or various European countries even if they are, for example, in Latin America.

As if that were not enough, Article 39 of the Statutes of the International Court of Justice, based in The Hague, establishes that the official languages of that instance are English and French and that trials and sentences will be given in one of those languages after a prior agreement between the parties.

Thus, any lawyer with a specialization in Public International Law or Human Rights —for example— who seeks to always take their career to the top, must master at least legal English and in many cases French —which is also taught at Lingua Language Center.

Then there is the case of foreign law students in the United States. Whether they study for a bachelor’s degree or a specialization, it is common for them to have difficulty understanding all the terminology and contexts that favor jurisprudence.

So an online course in English for Laws becomes an opportunity to eliminate all kinds of doubts in learning and in subsequent professional practice.

Contact Lingua Language Center today and you will see how easy it is to acquire this knowledge that will make a difference for you and your society.