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What are the strangest words in English? The search is so titanic that it is hardly possible to make a list that satisfies all tastes.

In the end, every list has a strong component of arbitrariness, and it will be the readers who will complete with their comments what we do as a language school.

In any case, there is some consensus on this one, and some of these words are repeated in all the similar articles you will find on the Internet.

So they are the rarest words? Possibly. In any case, it is important to remember that, according to the Oxford dictionary, English has approximately 414,800 words, compared to the 930,000 that appear in the dictionary of the Real Academia Española, adding Americanisms.

But let’s see what those words are…


The word has a Scandinavian origin. The berserk were Viking warriors who fought without fear of death and in a trance-like state due to the hallucinogenic effects of a secret drink. Today it is used in English to define a person who is mad and absolutely out of his mind.


It is an irrational fear of failure. It is a condition that can cause people to do absolutely nothing with their lives for the simple fear of it going wrong. Like other phobias, it is a word of Greek origin.


They are words that make no sense to those who hear them and often to those who speak them.


This is a word that means problem, mess, or fuss. But it is used mainly in Great Britain, and very rarely in the United States, Canada, Australia, or any other English-speaking country.


This is a word of Greek origin whose actual meaning in English is truly amazing: the uncontrollable urge to do something you shouldn’t do.


A person who sells books and pamphlets, mainly religious, door to door.


Artist of eroticism dedicated to striptease.


This is a voice of scarcity origin that is still used in much of northern Britain to refer to beggars and paupers.


It is a self-induced disease or symptom of hypochondria.


It is a discussion you have with someone specifically related to words.


Passion aroused by beautiful young women in older men. It is based on the belief that nymphs took possession of the souls of men.


Uproar caused by a discussion about different points of view.


Mixing drinks at a bar and working as a bartender.


To leave someone by will a sum of money or one’s own corpse to take care of the funeral and burial.


Make someone feel annoyed or frustrated by telling them absolutely trivial matters.


Group of people waiting inside their vehicles, bicycles or motorcycles to be served by a restaurant or any kind of process.


Basaltic lava formed by very rough irregular masses.

Of the words you have learned on your journey with English, which one do you think should be on this list? Tell us about it! We are Lingua Language Center.