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Those who already know English and seek to perfect the language or specialize in their area of work, can count on the advanced English courses offered by Lingua Language Center at its different locations in Florida or online.

These courses range from accent reduction or grammar, to specific areas such as health, business, law or literature: all as part of Lingua’s vocation to offer excellence beyond the acquisition of a language.

Next, we will review some of the options that our school offers for those who have already learned English.

English conversation course and accent reduction

With these classes, you will be able to learn techniques aimed at improving your pronunciation and communicating in a way that is closer to that developed by Native Americans.

You’ll also get practice in reducing stress, using proper intonation, and speaking fluently both in everyday life and at work.

If you are not in the United States and do not plan to spend time in Florida improving your language at one of our locations, you can take the online conversation course, which you can adjust to the times that best suit you.

Preparation for the TOEFL test

Another of the immediate steps recommended for those who already know English is to take the TOEFL exam. But, to do so, it is necessary to prepare with strategies to increase concentration and analytical skills.

This is achieved with the preparation course for this test that Lingua School has. The TOEFL test is one of the most requested by universities in the United States to find out the level of English of students who have it as a second language.

English for Laws

These are classes geared towards giving students all the knowledge and skills they need if they want to work in the field of Law.

In addition to classes with real experts in the field, the course offers six hours of workshops at the Florida International University School of Law.

English for Business

In the field of business, Lingua has two courses: an elementary one for Business Administration students, executives and professionals; and an advanced one that is ideal for executive directors or simply for students who want to delve into a subject with such competition.

English for doctors and health professionals

Doctors, medical students or health professionals of any level have an opportunity in the specialized online course offered by Lingua.

These are classes focused on making known the medical language, both written and interpretive, also going through the analysis of the culture of medical care and services in the United States.

advanced grammar skills

Today professionals capable of writing correctly in English are more in demand than ever. Studies have shown that, to take just one example, sales are cut in half on ads with spelling and grammatical errors, so no business wants to miss a single comma or semicolon in a row.

With this course, students will be able to improve their reading comprehension while learning to correctly use the grammatical structures of English.

This is a series of ideal classes for professionals in disciplines such as advertising, content generation, journalism, among others…

Literature and composition

But if you want to go further, and delve into writing through the study of letters, you can take the first steps to become a writer with the Literature and Composition course.

For 18 hours, students will be able to analyze English literature from poetry, novels, essays and plays. All this to achieve an analytical capacity that will become the ability to generate literature and write like a professional in English.

Where to take these advanced English courses?

The Lingua Language Center offices are in several of the main cities in the state of Florida: Fort Lauderdale, Weston, Coconut Creek, Orlando and Doral, but the institution also offers the opportunity to continue advancing in this language online.

It only remains for you to contact us so that you receive all the information and advice you need, either to take an online course or come to the United States to raise your level of English.