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If you are looking for cheap English courses in Florida, you should be careful about the price-quality ratio and the effectiveness of the teaching methods.

However, there are opportunities to invest just enough money and time to really learn the language.

At Lingua Language Center, course prices vary depending on the total number of weeks purchased by the student. But we also have a discount system that facilitates the acquisition of the plans.

The discounts that our students can enjoy can reach up to 25% depending on how many modules they enroll in and by making the payment in advance.

English courses with discounts for families

Another benefit of our pricing plan is that if two members of the same immediate family enroll in our courses, they will immediately receive a 10% discount on the overall costs.

Admonition test

When a student fills out the Lingua Language Center form and pays the registration fee, he/she receives an admission test.

We do this test to calculate your level of English at which you should start your learning process.

Customized pricing program

At Lingua Language Center we also have personalized programs for students to choose the one that best suits their requirements and possibilities.

For example, private lessons (one teacher per student) range in price from $55 to $75 per hour depending on the amount of time contracted.

In the Semi-Private I module (two students per teacher), the price varies between US$34 and US$45; and in the Semi-Private II module (three students per teacher), it is between US$24 and US$35.

As you can see, at Lingua Language Center we have a wide variety of opportunities for you, depending on the prices and the level of intensity with which you decide to learn.

Contact us! We are ready to teach you English and help you multiply your possibilities.