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Due to the large waves of immigration in recent years, and the academic interest in the United States, we have created this list of the best cities in Florida to learn English in 2023.

Although there may be reluctance about Florida as a destination to learn English, given the enormous cultural diversity in the region, the reality is that the Everglades state has everything to remain one of the best destinations to acquire the language.

That said, academic goals will be met to the extent that students abide by the guidelines of the English schools in which they enroll, and avoid surrounding themselves entirely with people who speak the same language.

Of course, that may sound difficult in a state like Florida, where, for example, there is a huge Spanish-speaking community from every Latin American country. However, the difference lies in the method of education chosen by individuals and in their commitment.

And anyway, English is still the main and most widely spoken language in Florida, and even downstate.

What are the best cities in Florida to learn English?

Here are the best cities in Florida to learn English. We will focus on some fundamental keys such as accessibility, quality of life, and above all academic standards. These cities will not be mentioned in order of importance, as they all offer – in our opinion – similar opportunities for language acquisition.

Fort Lauderdale

This city is the largest city in Broward County, and has a population of over 182,000 people, with 75.63% of people communicating only in English.

This last fact allows a true immersion in English for students from other countries, since communication in English becomes key for the development in any circumstance.


In 2010, English was the most spoken language in Weston at 62%. However, that year things began to change with the massive arrival of Venezuelans, who quickly became 9% of the population.

Today, according to the last census conducted in 2020, the number of Hispanics or Latinos in Weston is 54% of the population. However, the city still allows English immersion for students because all of its activities are conducted in English, both official and most commercial.


It is a city located just one mile from Miami International Airport. Demographically, it is comprised of almost 80% Hispanics, of which the majority are Venezuelan.

Despite this reality, Doral is a city committed to English, where you will find many Latino students looking to learn English.

Doral has an enormous access and mobilization capacity, and a strategic location. It is also full of high-level English academies that program activities to keep students on track.


Orlando is a city where the vast majority of people communicate in English both at home and in their work and academic activities.

That makes immersion in that language tacit even if you are not in a language school. But the great opportunity that Orlando offers is precisely its English schools.

Traditionally, people from Hispanic or other cultures moving to Orlando have been forced to learn English to function and adapt, so competing language schools have sprung up and developed a culture of high academic standards.

Lingua Language Center is in the best cities in Florida to learn English.

Lingua Language Center has an office in each of the cities mentioned in this article. This is because our language school has grown to meet the demand and needs of our students.

Currently, we offer English programs that guarantee students a total English language experience. For example, our all-inclusive English Program allows all the facilities for people to come to Florida to study English, and have all kinds of activities developed by us.

As if that wasn´t enough, we take care of factors such as accommodation, food, and even advice on legal issues related to entering the country.

Come to any of these cities in Florida to learn with Lingua Language Center.