Those who are looking for English classes in Orlando for foreigners don’t have to do a lot of research comparing options: the best ones are the ones we offer at Lingua Language Center.

English classes in Orlando for foreigners have been in high demand for years due to the huge presence of Hispanics and migrants from other cultures in the city. However, this has been on the rise since labor shortage figures were released in the U.S. territory.

According to data from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which represents the nation’s businesses, the deficit of workers in the country is around 3.5 million.

This phenomenon began in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic when job offers began to far outstrip the available labor force.

That reality produced a new wave of migrants, who also arrived in the Orlando metropolitan area.

Why take English classes in Orlando for foreigners?

When a migrant arrives in a city where another language is the main language spoken, he immediately understands that his opportunities for growth will at least double if he can master that language.

That’s what happens with Hispanics in Orlando, who find good options as a primary labor force, but then begin to see better jobs pass them by because they don’t know English.

By enrolling in an English program in Orlando for foreigners, good jobs will be a possibility in no time.

It is true that you can get jobs in the United States where English will not be a requirement. But it is also a reality that jobs where you must maintain more or less fluent conversations in English pay much better.

Not to mention the enormous opportunities that the United States offers in the digital age for those who can communicate effectively in English. In that case, you will be able to access jobs related to what you learned in your home country or to your real talent.

Where to take English classes in Orlando for foreigners?

The best English classes in Orlando for foreigners are at Lingua Language Center, where we adapt to the level that each student has in the language and to the schedules in which they can receive the knowledge.

Whether you are working or studying, with Lingua Language Center you will always have time to learn English.

We have courses ranging from full time to accelerate learning, to part time so that you can develop other activities while acquiring the ability to communicate in English.

Once you are able to speak, read and understand the language, we are by your side so that you can do it better and better.

We cover everything from the basics to accent reduction, from pronunciation to preparation for tests such as the TOEFL or courses that allow you to understand the jargon of your profession in order to make equivalencies and be able to practice it in the United States.

English classes in Orlando for non-immigrant foreigners

In addition to our classes ideal for migrants, we have courses ideal for students coming to the United States to spend some time studying English.

Turn a vacation into the opportunity of a lifetime with our courses. We can take care of everything: from your accommodation to your student visa, from the logistics of your stay to recreational trips.

At Lingua Language Center, we have the ability to provide the English immersion you need to acquire the language. Contact us today!