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The job options of recent graduates in any career are multiplied when they can master a language other than their native one. For this reason, and given the impact of the Brazilian economy on the world, at Lingua Language Center we offer the best English courses for Brazilian students in Florida.

It is not the same to study a language independently or in an institute in a non-Anglo-Saxon country, as to travel, for example, to the United States and live the experience of immersing yourself fully in English.

Although it is the third most spoken native language on the planet, currently, one in five people speaks or understands English. This makes it become the universal language for business and its importance is increasing for students and all kinds of people in training.

The best English courses

Lingua Language Center courses allow an immersion in English that translates into faster and more efficient learning, and this applies perfectly to Brazilian students.

This institute works through its own patented methodology: EnterTraining℠ , which combines the best of entertainment with neurolinguistic practices that encompass all the senses.

It’s already 20 years of work with more than 10,000 graduates that support the work of Lingua, a school that also covers all areas of communication between different languages: from translations and interpretations to the teaching of other languages.

English Classes In major Florida cities

Living in the United States while learning English is the fastest and most efficient way to achieve this. That is why we offer short-term courses and we take care to offer all the pertinent advice so that our students carry out their immigration procedures without any complications.

Depending on the preferences or circumstances of each student, you can choose between our locations in Fort Lauderdale, Doral, Orlando, and Weston.

We have expert teachers capable of transmitting with energy and pedagogy the best practices for speaking in English. Write us today and live the experience of learning English in the United States!