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Choosing the best phrases and words to start speaking in Spanish is not an easy task, but it is quite possible when you have spent so much time teaching the language.

So at Lingua Language Center we are encouraged to make this list to help English speakers to finish studying the language of Cervantes.

Precisely, a study carried out by the Cervantes Institute in 2018 showed that Spanish is the most studied language in the United States, with 8 million active students at that time.

But the number has continued to rise, and not just in the United States, but in most non-Spanish-speaking countries. Of course: only in English and French do they arouse more interest at a global level, the first for job opportunities and the second mainly for culture. So why do so many people seek to learn Spanish? The reason is a mixture of the two aforementioned causes: culture and opportunities.

The number of Spanish-speakers in the United States is already around 65 million, an astonishing figure judging by the 329.5 million inhabitants reported by the last 2020 census.

In any case, let’s go to what concerns us in this article: What are the best phrases and words to start speaking in Spanish? In other words, what is the first thing we should learn or what will be most useful to us.

Phrases and words to start speaking in Spanish

Hola – Hello

Adiós – Goodbye

Sí – Yes

No – No

Gracias – Thank you

Claro – Of course

Todo – All

Amor – Love

Por favor – Please

Buenos días – Good morning

Buenas tardes – Good afternoon

Buenas noches – Good evening / Good night

¿Qué tal? – What´s up ¿Cómo Estás? – How are you?

¿Cómo estás? – How are you?

¿Qué haces? – What are you doing?

Famiia – Family

Hijo – Son

Hija – Daughter

Niña – Girl

Niño – Boy

Hombre – Man

Mujer – Woman

Main questions in Spanish

¿Cuál es tu numbre? – What is your name?

¿Qué hora es? – What time is it?

¿En dónde vives? – Where do you live?

¿Puede ayudarme? – Can you help me?

¿Puedo ayudarte? – Can I help you?

¿Cuánto cuesta eso? – How much does it cost?

¿Entiendes? – Do you understand?

Most frequent verbs in Spanish

Ser – To be

Estar – To be

Querer – To want

Abrir – To open

Ayudar – To help

Estar – To be

Gustar – To like

Play – To play

Call – To call

Saber – To know

Caminar – To walk

Correr – To run

Pensar – To think

Other very useful words in Spanish

Casa – House

Calle – Street

Sol – Sun

Luna – Moon

Nieve – Snow

Viento – Wind

Lluvia – Rain

Auto / Coche / Carro – Car

Trabajo – Work / Job

Oficina – Office

Do you want to learn Spanish?

This is a fairly basic but very useful start to get an idea of Spanish, which is the fourth easiest language (out of more than 7,000) for English speakers to learn.

So we are sure that, if you decide to take the step and write to us today , you will be able to master it in a much shorter time than you imagine.

Ask us about our Spanish courses , both in various cities in Florida and online. We offer all the facilities so that the classes adapt to you.