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Among the best simultaneous interpretation services in Miami are those offered by Lingua Language Center: a leading company in the activity that has certified professionals in multiple languages.

Companies that need to eliminate language barriers for negotiations, conferences and meetings can count on all the technical and professional resources offered by the Lingua Language Center , with which the different modalities of simultaneous interpretation are covered.

Even if they are events with high logistics requirements or private meetings whose axis is the confidentiality of the information, everything can be covered.

We have booths for interpreters, microphones, headphones for the audience, receivers and everything that is needed so that each word arrives correctly. We also have extensive knowledge and experience in handling the following circumstances:

Simultaneous interpreting in Miami

In this modality, our interpreters work in teams of two to take turns, since they must pass what they have heard into the requested language without stopping.

To correctly develop this type of interpreting, high knowledge of the two languages with which you will work is needed, as well as the availability of the aforementioned technological instruments.

Consecutive interpretation

This is the technique in which the speaker pauses for the interpreter to translate what he has just said to those present. It is one of the most requested in professional conferences, religious cults or workshops with international guests.


The chuchotage, also called “whisper technique”, is used when the equipment required for simultaneous interpretation is not available. It is not the most recommended because it tends to compromise the quality of the interpretation, but we also offer it for small groups in simpler meetings.

Remote Interpreting (VRI)

This is the type of interpretation that is given in real time through a videoconference. For its development, the interpreter can be next to one of the parties of the conference, or in a third space. Either way, communication is always effective thanks to human resources and the availability of appropriate technologies.

Telephone Interpreting (OPI)

With this type of interpretation, the messages are transmitted via telephone simultaneously. At Lingua Language Center, we have qualified interpreters to translate into 150 different languages, and up to six people can listen and participate on calls.

At Lingua, we work every day with all the excellence that our experience allows us, so you can count on an optimal simultaneous interpretation service both in Orlando and remotely.

We also have physical locations in the cities of Fort Lauderdale, Weston, Coconut Creek, Doral and Orlando, so contact us to produce your meetings or conferences in detail.