In order to provide translations of academic documents, experience, legal certification and full knowledge of the subject matter of the text are required.

These requirements make it difficult to find good translators of academic documents, even in the United States.

Given this reality, at Lingua Language Center we have been qualifying professional linguists for almost 25 years to be able to offer a first class translation service for academic documents.

What are translations of academic documents?

Translations of academic documents are translations in the areas of education and academic research.

The texts in which this craft is executed may be in scientific journals, doctoral theses, research papers, textbooks or research conference papers -to name a few cases.

The work we do at Lingua Language Center is subject to our experience in translating doctoral theses, certificates, diplomas, degrees and scientific research of all kinds.

During all these years, we have met the demands of the academics who contact us because we believe in specialization. In other words, our linguists have been doing translations for years on the subjects they really know and have the capacity to analyze.

From degree translations to paper translations, we always have linguists with expertise in the social sciences and applied sciences to meet any challenge.

Why do you need translations of academic documents?

Most of the world’s scientific contributions and discoveries are initially in English, and in that language they are published in leading journals.

However, in order to become legal in other countries or simply to be able to disseminate them at all levels, they need to be translated into other languages.

It is then that a professional translator specialized in academic translation, and specifically in the science involved in the text, should be called in.

Translations of academic documents: Medicine

Our experience in the medical field is such that we offer English courses for doctors and translate all types of texts in the health sector.

We are able to understand the contributions of scientists, and use the right words to convey the essence of the work in other languages.

If you would like to learn more about our academic document translation services, contact us today. We are one of the most reputable language institutions in the state of Florida, we have all the necessary certificates to translate at every level, and we focus primarily on the satisfaction of our customers.