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In this article, we have compiled everything you need to know about how to pronounce the days of the week in French, from translation to pronunciation, as well as all its variables.

Learning the days of the week in French is essential for those who are learning French and want to become truly fluent in communicating.

The days of the week in French have their own particularities, and in several cases are different from the pronunciation in other Romance languages such as Spanish, Italian, or Portuguese (although the root is the same).

Much more different are the days of the week in French for native speakers of Germanic languages such as English or German. But let’s take a quick review…

How do you write the days of the week in French?

For a better understanding, let’s first take a look at how the days of the week are written in French…

  • Monday – Lundi
  • Tuesday – Mardi
  • Wednesday – Mercredi
  • Thursday – Thursday
  • Friday – Friday
  • Saturday – Samedi
  • Sunday – Sunday

How do you pronounce the days of the week in French?

  • Lundi – mon-dee
  • Mardi – mar-dee
  • Mercredi – mehr -cru-dee
  • Jeudi – zhuh-dee
  • Friday – van-druh-dee
  • Samedi – sa-muh-dee
  • Dimanche – dee-mansh

What you need to know about the days of the week in French

It is essential that you know the following facts about the days of the week in French:

  • They are always masculine (that’s why you are likely to see them almost always together with the pronoun “le” (the) in French. Example: Le Dimanche (Sunday).
  • They are written in initial lowercase.
  • They have abbreviations that are frequently used: lun, mar, mer, jeu, ven, sam, dim.

The grammar of the days of the week in French

Once we know how the days of the week are written in French, how they are pronounced, and how they are abbreviated, it is time to know how they are used grammatically.

The answer needs examples like the ones we will show you below:

  1. To describe a repetitive situation.
  • On Monday mornings I am full of energy.
  • Le mardi matin je suis plein d’énergie
  1. To schedule a meeting.
  • I will be there Saturday morning at 9 am.
  • J’y serai samedi à 9h du matin.
  1. To announce something already programmed.
  • I will arrive in Paris on Sunday.
  • J’arriverai à Paris dimanche
  1. To ask a question that includes a day.
  • Is this bar open on Wednesday nights?
  • Ce bar est-il ouvert le mercredi soir?
  1. To indicate which day a date falls on.
  • My birthday falls on a Monday. What bad luck!
  • Mon anniversaire tombe un lundi. Quelle malchance!

Words and expressions you need to know about the days of the week in French

  • Day – Jour
  • Days – Jours
  • Day of the week – Jour de la semaine
  • Days of the week – Jours de la semaine
  • Time – Heure
  • Hours – Heures
  • Minute – Minute
  • Minutes – Minutes

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