Are you looking for an English course in Orlando? Ask about the one Lingua Language Center has for you at its Orange Blossom Trail location.

Lingua offers a range of courses that perfectly match your level of English. level of English your time availability and your profession.

If, for example, you want to receive classes that will allow you to advance at your own pace in learning this language, you can take the Intensive English Program, which offers face-to-face classes from Monday to Thursday for a total of 18 academic hours per week.

But if you need a little more free time, opt for the Semi-Intensive English Program, which is similar but completes 16 hours of classes per week.

English course in Orlando for someone who works

Now let’s say you work and don’t have time to dedicate so many hours to learning. In that case, our recommendation is that you take our part-time English course.

The best thing about these classes for you is that you can take them after work, between 6:00 pm and 9:00 pm, Monday through Thursday, which leaves you time for your job or for the rest of your professional training.

Or do you prefer total immersion in English?

Another English course in Orlando that you can take is the one we prepare for total immersion in the language.

Ask about our All-Inclusive English Package, which will immerse you in the U.S. university experience while you receive English classes Monday through Thursday, from 9:00 am to 1:30 pm.

This English course is perfect for groups of students from other countries looking for a stay in the United States.

Specialized English courses in Orlando

On the other hand, professionals in various fields such as health, law, business and even literature have courses specially designed for them at Lingua.

These specialized courses enable students to master all the skills necessary to function in the world of work in English.

Each has its own focus, technical vocabulary and areas of expertise.

Ask us for the program that best suits you. And if you don’t know which one to choose, write to us anyway! We will give you all the advice you need no matter where you are in the world.