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Having a good interpreter in Fort Lauderdale is vital for most companies in the city, and in Broward County, Florida, due to the international vocation of business in the region.

More and more companies from other countries are opening physical locations in the so-called “Venice of America”, and they must communicate effectively with business partners, allies and the general public, so it is always important to have someone who can serve as a liaison between them and their customers. interpreter mainly from English to Spanish and vice versa.

In any case, the city is so multicultural that the best option is to have constant contact with a company that can send interpreters for each language according to the occasion.

If you need an Interpreter in Fort Lauderdale, Lingua Language Center can help you!

Lingua Language Center fulfills this role to the fullest thanks to its team of linguists, translators and interpreters.

For decades, this institution has responded to companies from all over South Florida not only with its professionals, but also with the technical equipment necessary for conferences and meetings of all sizes.

In addition to having interpreters for the main modern languages at its Fort Lauderdale headquarters, these professionals are specialized in several areas, which means that, depending on the case, we send true experts in each field: Law? Medicine? Science? Tourism? Whatever the business activity, we have the right person.

An interpreter must not only be skilled in the translation of a language, but must also analyze in real time to convey exactly what the sender meant to say. That is why you must know the jargon of each discipline, the local color of the languages you will be working with and even the personality of the speaker.

At Lingua Language Center, we know that being an interpreter is a responsibility, and that a mistake can lead to misunderstandings that ultimately cost relationships and money. So we do everything with a professionalism that we have only been able to acquire over the years and the support of Florida companies.

Another of our keys to doing a good job is that we not only have interpreters: we also teach several languages from four locations in Florida and internationally with our online modality. This academic vocation allows us to pursue excellence with absolute clarity every day.

If you need an interpreter in Fort Lauderdale, write to us immediately. We are waiting for you to give you all the advice you need and offer you the service that best suits your needs and those of your company.