With the arrival of the digital era, the profession of the translator has acquired a very important role. Not so many years ago, translators focused mainly on books, films, videos, legal documents or simultaneous translation. However, to this day, most translators work with all kind web content. Unfortunately, this has caused the work of the translator to lose notoriety and has led to a decrease in the quality of the translations that we all check every day in any corner of the network.

For any business, the quality of the language used is of vital importance to achieve success. Therefore, the translator’s job as an intercultural mediator should receive the recognition they deserve. Today, translators have become professionals capable of connecting the realities of two different cultures as an invisible link. A good translator must be able to adapt a message expressed in a source language to a target language that is impregnated with a totally different reality. For this reason, the real achievement of any translator is to remain invisible before the eyes of the reader, who perceives the text as an original and not as a product that has undergone a process of transformation.

It is necessary to remember that it is not only a matter of translating a text, but that a good professional expertise consists of adapting it to the language, customs, and habits, which sometimes involves conversions of measures, currencies, directions, proverbs, and culturally appropriate sayings. Only in this way is it possible to transmit the intended message of the original text. Knowing different languages is not synonymous with being able to make good translations, it is necessary to master it, as well as having the ability to write fluently and with absolute grammatical and orthographic correction. Translators with official titles take years to perfect the technique, and even then they have to specialize in certain types of texts. That is how is ensured that the translation transmits the intended message from the text of the original language.

In many occasions, the reason for not resorting to professional translations is not economic. The reason is that managers do not feel the need to take care of the other languages in which operations are carried out. This may affect many things. For example, the case of a company that invests a lot of resources (time and money) in marketing campaigns or SEO projects in which a linguistic error is being promoted, transmitting a feeling of lack of seriousness.

Likewise, a poor translation of other relevant aspects such as the terms and conditions of any business or product may cause that the information provided is not accurate, which may end up resulting in complaints and costly compensation.

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