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It is known that when a person learns a second language, they multiply their chances of getting a good job by at least two. But let’s go to the numbers: What are the languages that generate the most employment opportunities in the world?

The answer begins with English, the lingua franca or universal language of today. But in the midst of a global village, recruiters are increasingly looking for professionals who speak a third language given the demands of markets and international relations.

This also translates into money: according to a publication in El Economista, employment agencies have revealed that multilingual people earn between 15% and 20% more than the rest of their colleagues.

Next, we will review which languages are most sought after by job recruitment agencies given the demands of the world’s large companies.

Languages that Generate the Most Employment Opportunities

1. English

It is the official language of business in the world. Currently, almost all companies with an international vocation need at least one person who speaks English to be able to function in the market.

2. French

French is the language that has offered the most job opportunities in 2021, according to several studies, including that of the Adecco company.

3. Portuguese

It is important to speak Portuguese when the job involves relationships with companies in Portugal. But the great opportunity for this language is in Brazil, which is another universe and has a market of 211 million people.

This is without counting the need for qualified personnel in other countries where Portuguese is also spoken, such as Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, São Tomé and Príncipe, or East Timor.

4. German

German is spoken by 210 million people on the planet. That allows opportunities in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, or Liechtenstein.

5. Mandarin Chinese

The importance of China in the global economy is now unquestionable. Almost all the reasons have to do with an economic power that continues to grow.

Those are just the five languages that currently generate the most job opportunities, according to El Economista. However, any language you decide to acquire will multiply your employment opportunities.

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