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Taking an intensive English course in Florida involves a huge and positive transformation in the life of a foreign student.

The first driver of change is the speed with which the language can be acquired; the second has to do with the multicultural experience offered by the cities of this American state.

At Lingua Language Center, we have 18-hour intensive English courses that include complete immersion in the language.

We have a physical presence in cities such as Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Doral, and Weston; each one with its peculiarities for culture and entertainment in general.

Advantages of taking an intensive English course in Florida.

Florida offers a cultural diversity so intense that it prepares students for any change or professional challenge of the future, and the simple fact of taking an intensive English course already brings unexpected benefits.

People from all countries visit and inhabit this state seeking its perfect harmony between modern cities and the most overwhelming nature.

But there are other advantages that are directly related to the correct learning of English.

learn faster

When an intensive course is carried out with dedication, motivation, perseverance, and the correct pedagogy, the results in language acquisition come much faster.

It teaches you to take advantage of time

By receiving so much information in a short period of time, the brain adjusts and trains itself to adapt.

Thus, what you learn in an intensive English course is equivalent to what you can learn in another subject.

You get to meet new people

Arriving in one of the cities in Florida and meeting new people is positive not only for professional contacts or interpersonal skills.

Meeting new people also makes you smarter because it increases the plasticity of neurons and creates new connections.

Doubts are resolved quickly

In conventional classes, students can sometimes spend more than a week with a question before waiting to see the teacher again. This does not happen with intensive English: immersion means that everything can be solved immediately because the classes are more complete.

The intensive face-to-face immersion English course has 18 hours at Lingua Language Center. It is offered by professors with extensive experience in intensive methodologies and in the use of learning materials.

If you want to take this important step for the transformation of your life or that of your children, write to us today!