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If you want to learn English quickly, follow the following tips that we share with you from Lingua Language Center. This will surprise you!

Of course, all these tips will make sense if you put them into practice while simultaneously taking an English course. But in this text, we will also tell you which classes you can take so that you can quickly learn to master the language.

If you really made the decision to learn English quickly, it is good for you to know that from this point on you will have fun and that you will involuntarily start thinking differently.

Here are our tips:

Read in English

Yes, read English. Don’t worry if you don’t understand the language: open your computer, read an article in English and read it again in Spanish by translating the page with Google. The best thing to do is to do it paragraph by paragraph: in Spanish, in English, in Spanish, in English…

This way you will adapt progressively. But the most important thing is that you read less and less in your native language and try to understand more of what a text says in English.

When you have made progress, take books, magazines, news, or anything you can read in English and try to analyze it.

Write down the new words

If you don’t know a word you read or hear, write it down. At that rate, you are likely to learn at least a dozen new terms every day.

Once your English improves, don’t look up the translation of that new word: look up its meaning in English and try to interpret it.

Talk to people

Today there are so many options for speaking English online, you won’t need to be invited to an embassy party to practice the language.

Search, for example, Omegle.com, choose the English language, and start meeting unexpected people who will speak to you in English from anywhere in the world.

Forget the shame

We know it reads easy and it’s really not. But think about the fact that you have nothing to lose and that you will be talking to absolute strangers on the Internet.

Later, when you dare to talk to someone in person, you will realize that it was not so difficult or complicated to take the first step of conversing with someone.

Identify your English-speaking friends

If you make a short list of your friends who speak English and start telling them a few phrases in English, they will respond and you will be practicing in a fun way.

Another thing you can do with your friends is to send them memes in English on Instagram. If they are really funny, chances are they will send posts to you as well. This way you will always be challenged to know what they sent you.

Read about what you like

We already told you that you must read in English. But this is so important that it deserved a separate chapter in the article…

Let’s suppose you know a lot about soccer, that you are passionate about it. Then you start reading articles and news about your favorite players and teams in English. What will happen? The answer is simple: you will be able to understand the reading much better because you are familiar with every concept, stadium, player, league, and competition.

If you already know what your passion is, read about it in English and you will see results quickly.

Ask what you don’t know

Remember that shame only serves to make you regret having felt it. If you don’t know something, ask your interlocutor what it means. You are learning English and are not required to know every word.

Don’t be discouraged

At some point, you will feel discouraged because you will feel that you are not going as fast as you expected. That feeling is normal when we are demanding our mind to assimilate another language, another culture, and another way of thinking.

By the time you manage to overcome that momentary feeling and move on, you will have taken the most important step on your path to learning English.

Take an English course

If you follow these recommendations to the letter and take a course at the same time, you will be doing everything you need to learn English quickly.

In any case, the course must have one fundamental characteristic: it must allow you the opportunity to experience a true immersion in English.

In this sense, the one we offer you at Lingua Language Center to absorb as much as you can in record time is our All-Inclusive English Package.

No matter where you are in the world, with this package you can come to the United States and immerse yourself in English while we take care of all the details of your stay: from paperwork and accommodation to food and recreation.

The best thing about this package is that everything you experience will be in English. That will make your brain adapt to this language in record time.

If you feel it’s your time to learn English quickly, write to us right away. We are ready to give you all the information you need and dispel all your doubts.