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Scoring well on English exams is not as important as actually knowing how to speak the language. However, it is key to be able to have a certificate that guarantees our level.

Among the most famous English exams is the TOEFL, which is required by major U.S. universities to admit non-native English speakers.

In our experience at Lingua Language Center preparing students of all ages for the TOEFL, we can say that nerves and time management are two of the biggest factors that work against them when it comes to getting good scores.

That’s why we focus on giving people the tools they need to prepare so well that they feel real enthusiasm when answering the questions.

Of course, we also train the non-knowledge aspects, such as the aforementioned nerves and time management, as well as how to interpret some questions that require advanced critical and analytical thinking.

How to do well on English exams

But beyond the way we prepare our students in person or online, here are some general tips on how to get good grades in English exams.

Tips for studying for an English exam

  • Check previous models of the same test. The exam will not be the same, but you will have an idea when you arrive and you will not be surprised by the format. Answer those models and you will be more prepared for the exam.
  • Don’t memorize, learn. Avoid prefabricated prayers. Rather, practice several examples with the same grammatical structures and their variations.
  • Learn as much vocabulary as you can that is related to your life and interests. It is very likely that in English exams you will be asked questions related to your personal life.
  • Try to immerse yourself in English the days before the exam. Try to think in English, read articles in English, watch movies in English with English subtitles, and – if possible – practice the language with others.
  • At the end of each day, write in a notebook what you did about your day, but do it in English. It will be like keeping a diary.
  • Practice the time in which you answer the test models and try to reduce it while still answering everything.
  • Find someone who can correct your practice tests.

Tips during an English test

  • Focus on answering the questions. One of the main mistakes we have detected is that some students just talk about the topic they were asked about, but do not answer the questions. Answer everything you are asked because that is where your grade will lie.
  • Watch the time each time you finish a part of the exam. When you are answering concentrate, just watch the clock as you finish the sections.
  • Take a good breath after reading each question. Just before you begin to respond, hold the air in your lungs. Your brain will thank you.

Practice for your English exams with professionals

If you need qualified help to pass an English exam, contact us. At Lingua Language Center, we have linguists who are experts in preparing students for all types of tests.

There is no challenge you can’t overcome if you prepare well and with the help of professionals. In our institution, all the variables of the English exams are analyzed and covered.

Every year, we welcome students from all over the world seeking to pass the TOEFL, and the results are so positive that we have remained one of the top English language schools in Florida.