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Now that you’ve searched the Internet for “Top 10 English classes near me“, we’ll answer you in such a simple and effective way that you’ll only have to choose which course to take.

In choosing the top 10 courses near you, we will focus on the fact that people have different English levels, needs, and goals.

This way we will cover all types of English courses.

That’s right: we firmly believe that the 10 best English courses near you are the ones we offer at Lingua Language Center. There are a few fundamental reasons for this.

  • We have physical locations in several major cities in South Florida.
  • We have over two decades of experience teaching English to native speakers of multiple languages.
  • Our staff is composed of professional linguists and true experts in the languages they teach.

But let’s start with the courses…

Top 10 English courses near me

The following courses are specifically designed for each type of person. They are available for students of all levels, for professionals, for extremely busy people and for experts in a wide range of areas.

These classes are close to you because they are taught from the cities of Fort Lauderdale, Weston, Doral, and Orlando, and mainly because you can also receive them online, so they are always at your complete disposal.

Intensive English course

This is an English course in which you receive 18 hours of classes per week designed for international students. In other words, by the time the weekends come around, you will have so much English in your mind that you will have mastered the language in record time.

The best thing is that the methodology applied in this English course is so effective, that there will be no confusion in you: you will learn well.

You can receive it at any of our locations.

Intensive English + internships

This is perfect for you if you are about to start a university career in which you need to speak English well, or if you are already working in the area for which you prepared.

Why? Because it combines the best of the intensive English course with tools so that you can communicate effectively in your job and grow without fear.

It is available in Fort Lauderdale, Weston, and Doral.

Semi-intensive English course

We also offer an English course consisting of 16 hours per week designed for local students.

That small difference will allow you more freedom during the week, whether to study, work or just go out and have fun with your friends.

It is available at all our locations.

What if I work part-time?

But if you are working part-time, there is also a course for you at Lingua Language Center.

These classes are tailored precisely for you, where you can combine your English training with your work or academic studies.

It is called the Part-Time English Program and is available at all of our locations, as well as online. In addition, you can combine both modalities: on-site and remote via the Internet to complete the required number of hours.

How about an all-inclusive English package?

Imagine traveling to the United States to study English and having all your food and lodging needs covered…..

Now imagine that in your free time during that season you will have access to excursions where you will be able to live with people from multiple cultures who are also learning English.

This course is close to you because it is possible. Just contact us so we can give you all the information you need.

English classes near me at a specialized level

Specialized English classes near you are perfect when you already have at least an intermediate level of English and need to improve for the next steps in your life.

Conversation and accent reduction

Many people seek to reduce their accents to try to speak as much like a Native American as possible.

This is achieved with real conversations led by linguists who correct every mistake on the spot.

You can take them in groups at any of our locations, or remotely and individually via the Internet.

So it doesn’t matter if you don’t have the time to travel. You can have your daily dose of English conversations from the comfort of your home or office.

TOEFL Preparation

This is one of the best courses that Lingua Language Center has near you because it enables you to take one of the most rigorous English exams, but the one that opens the most doors in the English-speaking world: the TOEFL.

You will not only learn the tricks that will enable you to cope with the exam. You will also know how to manage time, eliminate stress components, and correctly analyze each moment of the test.

Do you want to write well in English?

Once you learn English, the next step is to write it well. To achieve this, we recommend that you take the advanced grammar skills course we have at Lingua Language Center.

With this English course you will be able to excel in any area of knowledge and in the world of work that requires good writing, in other words: in all of them.

Seriously, do you want to write really well in English?

Once you write well in English, the next step is to write REALLY WELL in English: that is, like a professional writer or journalist.

The English Literature and Composition course is perfect for writing professionals who want to stand out when writing in English.

The capacity for innovation in writing that our students acquire is remarkable.

If you already know English, and want to take the right next step, this is the course for you!

An English course in your professional area

As course number 10, we will name several. Why? Because it all depends on what you do professionally.

If you are in the healthcare field, there is a course for you. If business is your thing, too. The same if you work in the legal world..

At Lingua Language Center we teach you to completely master the jargon of your professional activity and to manage with absolute confidence in the most rigorous areas of your work.

Have you already chosen the best English course near you? Just write us and reserve your place. Take the first step today to become fully proficient in English.