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Are there podcasts to learn English? Yes, and they are so attractive that more and more people are joining the trend of consuming them to acquire that language.

However, it is important to note that these podcasts are tools that serve to enhance the skills that English language learners acquire in their classes, so their use is complementary and not determinant.

Mind you: students who listen to podcasts to learn English have a huge advantage over those who are only enrolled in a course and complete academic assignments.

That’s because most English learning podcasts try to follow a methodology while entertaining the audience. As a result, their effects are often even more noticeable than those of students who supplement their education by consuming, for example, movies and series in English.

The best podcasts to learn English

And what are the best podcasts for learning English today? The answer can be quite relative and will depend in many cases on tastes, but from an academic point of view, and according to our experience at Lingua Language Center as a language school, we have chosen 10 that seem to us quite effective

BBC’s 6 Minute English

6-Minute English is a news podcast produced every week and is aimed at intermediate speakers.

Each episode comes with a vocabulary list, a thought provoking question and a transcript for you to follow along in case you miss some words or phrases.

English here is spoken at a slightly slower speed than usual, which makes it much easier to understand.

Better at Español

This podcast is ideal for intermediate and advanced English learners. The episodes focus on grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, and each comes with a full transcript.

There is also a “stories” section that presents short stories and interesting anecdotes to help you improve your listening comprehension.

Luke’s English Podcast

This podcast is presented by Luke Thompson, an experienced British English teacher. The episodes are funny, informative and full of British humor.

Each episode comes with a transcript, and there is a wealth of content available for students of all levels.

All Ears English

This podcast is a good choice for intermediate and advanced English learners who want to improve their conversational skills.

In addition to covering the main aspects of the language, such as grammar, pronunciation and comprehension, All Ears English has a culture section that presents interesting information about life in the United States.

Culips ESL Podcast

This podcast is presented by a group of Canadian English teachers.

It is notable for having a chat section that shows informal conversations between presenters.

Your English

Bryan, a native speaker from Boston, prepared 71 English lessons and turned them into a podcast that, in an easy and fun way, trains his audience’s ear to enable them to better understand the language.

English Vocabulary Booster

This is a podcast that addresses current topics to help people improve their vocabulary, grammar and, above all, to speak more natively.

The content is a hit on the Internet and is available on all major podcast platforms.

TED Talks Daily

This is a podcast of short talks covering a huge variety of topics of the highest current interest: from science and technology, to history, art and culture.

The material in this podcast is perfect to help you get new words and learn the jargon of different disciplines, as it is subtitled and you can see how each of the things the presenters say is spelled.

The Joe Rogan Experience

This podcast was not created for people to learn English. But the topics Joe Rogan discusses with his celebrity guests are so interesting, the audience struggles to understand every word.

This is an ideal content to enhance various areas of the English learning process.

Julie’s Library

This is a podcast that will fill you with new English words. It is hosted by the famous actress Julie Andrews, and is filled with interesting stories about world literature, as well as fascinating anecdotes from Julie herself.

If you are at an intermediate level, this podcast will be a unique tool to boost your formal English skills.

Is it enough to enjoy podcasts to learn English?

As we said at the beginning, these podcasts are interesting complements on your way to English language proficiency. However, it is important that you always have the support of academic classes in which you can count on professors to guide you continuously.

If you want to learn English, you can take one of the courses we have for you at Lingua Language Center, a language academy with enormous experience graduating people as bilingual since the late 90s.

Write us today and reserve your space. You can take classes from our Florida locations or from anywhere in the world thanks to our online methodology.